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« Magnum P.I. Die He Said (HD, New, TV-14) A man with lethal lymphoma asks Magnum to find his estranged brother, whose bone marrow is compatible to his, but Magnum soon is haunted by old memories.
Bull But for the Grace (HD, New, TV-14) A client faces felony manslaughter charges after his old public defender gave him inadequate advisement about his initial misdemeanor assault charge.
News 18 at Eleven (New) The news team shares the major headlines, with weather conditions, sports scores, special events throughout the community and more.
The Late Show with Stephen Colbert (HD, New, TV-14) Actor Hugh Jackman; musician Jeff Tweedy is interviewed and performs; the United States Army Field Band's Six String Soldiers joins Jon Batiste and Stay Human.

« DC's Legends of Tomorrow Wet Hot American Bummer (HD, New, TV-14) The Legends find out the kids attending summer camp have vanished, so Sara, Ava, Ray and Constantine become counselors; Constantine creates a special potion.
News 18 @ 10 on Lafayette's CW 18 (New)
The Goldbergs You're Not Invited (HD, New, TV-PG) Adam decides to invite Dana to his birthday party, but Barry decides to plan a secret make out party; Pops and Murray watch the opening of Al Capone's vault.
The Goldbergs Colors (HD, New, TV-PG) Barry tries to break up Beverly's group of friends, but it leads to a fight; Adam attempts to trick Murray into loving theater, but his plans backfire.
Seinfeld The Merv Griffin Show (HD, New, TV-PG) After finding old pieces from the set of the "Merv Griffin Show" in a dumpster, Kramer transforms his place into a talk show; Elaine does battle with a co-worke
Seinfeld The Wife (HD, TV-PG) A girlfriend poses as Jerry's wife so she can get a dry cleaning discount; George attempts to use the shower at the health club as a bathroom.

« Criminal Minds Psychodrama (HD, TV-PG) The BAU profiles a thief after it become clear his robbing spree is more about victimization than money, as he forces his hostages to undress before he flees.
Criminal Minds The Aftermath (HD, TV-PG) After a hiatus that lasted six weeks, a rapist returns to action with a slightly altered technique, and Elle makes a decision that could have consequences.
Criminal Minds North Mammon (HD, TV-PG) A man abducts three girls, intending on having them choose which one he will kill, and the BAU takes the case after a victim's mom beg JJ to intervene.
Criminal Minds The Boogeyman (HD, TV-PG) The team travels to a Texas town to investigate the deaths of several children; Ellie has trouble adjusting after an attack, and Hotchner is worried about her.

Married ... with Children No Chicken, No Check (TV-14) When Bud and Kelly split the cost of a car so they can share it, they are forced to go on a double date because they both need the car.
Sanford and Son Aunt Esther Has a Baby (TV-PG) Aunt Esther and Woody decide to adopt a child, but Woody is stricken with nervousness and gets drunk right before their big interview.
Sanford and Son Aunt Esther Meets Her Son (TV-PG) Esther and Woody finally meet their new son, but he steals from their cash register and announces to everyone that he is an atheist.
The Steve Harvey Show Liar, Liar, Your Versace's on Fire (TV-PG) Cedric and Steve test out the new "lie buster," but the device backfires for Cedric when Lovita catches him telling her a string of lies.
The Steve Harvey Show Almost Dirty Dancing (TV-PG) Regina gladly offers to help Steve's friend with the one thing that separates him and his wife, dancing; Steve and Cedric take on Romeo and Bullethead.
Good Times The Physical (TV-PG) Florida must take and pass a physical examination to keep her bus driving job, but worries that she will fail when Michael's arrest upsets her.
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